Which Processor is Best for Hosting Online Casino Server Systems?

What to Look for in a Processor

Hosting server systems for a casino online will require a significant amount of power. Cyber security is also important as the server will include monetary transactions. This will not just include traditional banking methods. As IB Times points out link text cryptocurrency software such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may also become the future for online casinos. There is still debate over whether blockchain technology will become part of casino web games. To be safe it is best to choose a processor that is not vulnerable blockchain vulnerabilities.

Processors to Choose From

  • Xeon

These processors have multiple cores so are ideal for the CPU intensive activity that inevitably comes from hosting an online casino server. This brand was specifically designed to be able to run servers. For this reason it will give users the longevity needed for a website to function smoothly. These processors are able to work under a heavy workload 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • ARM architecture

This system has gone through several generations so has evolved and advanced the power to run software. Performance is one of its biggest advantages. They are also inexpensive which makes them the ideal choice for those who want to set up their server to a strict budget.

  • Itanium

This is a high-end server processor that a professional casino company would benefit from using. Their 64bit chips provide industry standard performance as well as reliability that is crucial prevent any potential issues when the server is up and running. Compared to Intel this is a much more cost effective option.

  • Pentium 4

The current Pentium 4 models are incompatible with older motherboards requiring users to purchase a new one. Despite this it is the go-to brand for many who want to run a server effectively. Intel have a proven track record of manufacturing dependable processors. For this reason it is the safest choice to go with.