UK Parliament Debates the Ethics of A.I.

The Report

A report by the parliament of the United Kingdom has come to the conclusion that the future development of artificial intelligence should be heavily focused on ethics. The report added that A.I. should never be used as an autonomous weapon to inflict harm, destruction or deception.

The House of Lords has stated that the UK could potentially be a leader in A.I. development, and has instructed the government to give support to businesses in which R&D is A.I. based. They have also recommended that people should become educated on working with A.I. in preparation for the jobs of the near future.

By educating people to work alongside A.I. systems, it is hoped that the “negative effects” of A.I. will be mitigated. The report pointed out that many industry jobs will be drastically enhanced by artificial intelligence. Some new kinds of jobs will be created. However, they also admitted that many jobs will disappear due to this new technology.

It goes on to say that the government must invest significantly on the skills and training that will be essential for future workers when A.I. technology is rolled out. They state that employees will have to retrain – something which will “become a lifelong necessity.” the House of Lords report concludes by saying that artificial intelligence should be developed for the good of the people and to “benefit” humanity.

Corporate Monopoly

There is also growing concerns that a monopoly on A.I. will develop among large corporate firms. In particular

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM

These are the key leaders in their field, and are of biggest concern. The UK government have recognised that they pose a danger to the free market when A.I. is utilised as an everyday modern convenience for businesses and homes. It remains to be seen what actions parliament will take in reaction to this report.